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“Flatten The Curve Summit is a disruptive experiment in remote learning, bringing together academics, activists, doctors, and engineers alike to discuss how we can forge a better world and contain the fallout of global crisis. All of this in the middle of a generation-defining and world-altering pandemic.” – Sean O’Brien, founder of Yale Privacy Lab and Summit organizer

Help Flatten The Curve While Learning from Acclaimed Speakers.

The online Flatten The Curve Summit will take place on April 21-23, 2020 and is bringing together leading experts in public health, law, cyber conflict, climate change, collaboration, and digital self-defense. This three-day remote Summit will showcase each of its 18 speakers for one-hour remote sessions where they will share empowering knowledge, strategies, and tools. Attendees will learn how to strengthen their communities, cope with change, and stem the tide of the next crisis.

Press Release

PDF version of the Press Release | Press Contact: Sean O’Brien,

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The primary social media channel is Twitter @CurveSummit

On other social media, the Summit uses PrivacySafe’s accounts:

About The Speakers

Sessions will feature speakers from Yale University, Oxford University, McGill University, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the Free Software Foundation, and other leading research, non-profit, entrepreneurial, and civic organizations. Attendees will gain a variety of new skills while they are staying home, social distancing, and doing their part to “flatten the curve” of the COVID-19 pandemic.

List of Speakers

Demonstrations & Workshop Sessions

Funding Model

Tickets are “Pay What You Can” with a suggested contribution of $25 USD.

The Summit’s innovative funding model contributes directly to public health and digital rights, with 100% of proceeds, after costs, donated to non-profits GNU Health and Fight for the Future.

Attendees and organizations can contribute in three ways, besides purchasing tickets.

Non-Profits Supported by the Summit

About GNU Health

GNU Health is a free and open-source health and hospital information system with a strong focus on public health and social medicine. Its functionality includes management of electronic health records and laboratory information management, and it has been deployed globally in a variety of healthcare environments. Luis Falcón, physician and founder, describes the essential need for the holistic approach of GNU Health to fight pandemic:

“Information is power. Good quality and timely data is crucial to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. GNU Health has been designed on Social medicine. That is, instead of dealing directly with patients, GNU Health works first on the main pillars of a society. As a result, the government will have better tools for health promotion and disease prevention. The government will be better prepared to fight this pandemic and future outbreaks.”

About Fight for the Future

Fight for the Future is a non-profit advocacy group dedicated to protecting and expanding the Internet’s transformative power by creating civic campaigns that are engaging for millions of people. The group has organized the largest online protests in history and has been central in the fight for digital freedom, bridging the gap between the struggle for net neutrality and against mass surveillance, as well as biometric tracking via facial recognition. Recent projects include #StayAtHomeFest, helping to “flatten the curve” via a shared calendar of streaming events, and Take This Seriously:

“Our core message is that this virus is extremely serious and that we need to take it seriously. We encourage the public, governments, and corporations to heed the recommendations of public health officials… We also must remain vigilant and beat back attempts to exploit this crisis to undermine fundamental rights and freedoms.”

About PrivacySafe

PrivacySafe Technology Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to educate and empower people via private and secure technology. PrivacySafe is hosting the Flatten The Curve Summit as an educational and advocacy event that raises funds for public health and digital rights. The PrivacySafe Health Edition IoT appliance features a hospital information suite ideal for quarantine and mobile testing deployments as well as open data resources for the COVID-19 pandemic.


Cory Doctorow, author and MIT Media Lab research affiliate: “This unprecedented crisis is revealing the depth of many of the fracture lines that we have contended over as a society. The only thing worse than having those fractures is doing nothing about them now that we know how grave they are.”

Twila Brase, president and co-founder of Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom: “In the midst of the coronavirus crisis, the Flatten The Curve Summit gives the public and policymakers an opportunity to hear from individuals with expertise in fields surrounding the use of emergency powers who will provide insights and information to help prevent pandemonium in the midst of a pandemic, now and in the future.”

Michael McMahon, organizer of HACKERS and HOSPITALS: “If we do not work together to solve this pandemic on a global scale, we will have to duplicate these efforts again later.”

Cypurr Collective NYC, digital privacy and security trainers: “During times of strife, uncertainty, and fear, there are very few things more empowering and inspiring than for a group of folks to gather to share skills, information, and support so that others may feel safer and more sure of their futures.”

Mikalai Birukou, architect and developer of 3NWeb protocols: “Monopolization and centralization decreases our resilience in crises. In cyberspace, the Mirai botnet attack on servers in 2016 brought down most centralized Internet services. What would an attack on Zoom and Skype do in today’s worldwide quarantine? We need to share our knowledge and collectively move our society to be more immune to health, tech, and political crises.”

Ashley Dawson, author and professor at the Graduate Center/CUNY and the College of Staten Island: “Mutual aid is essential as an alternative to disaster capitalism during the era of coronavirus.”

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